The Best New York Style Pizza In High Point

North Carolina never had it so good – mainly because it never saw a pizza as amazing as Mario’s.  Fresh crushed tomatoes, olive oil, homemade mozzarella … you’re talkin’ about a seriously powerful NY style pizza here.  Mario’s takes the no-nonsense New York-tough approach to pizza, and that’s making it big, bold and authentic.

Our dough is hand tossed with high gluten bread flour, and our sauce has that just-right combination of garlic and oregano that gives it a big-city balance that lets you know that you’ve started into a pizza that means business.  This is pizza that you can take with you, and when we say that, we mean that you can eat it while you’re walking!

Only New York style can give you this freedom along with your eats!  “Foldability” is what makes our New York pie so good, and sets it apart from that Chicago-style that’s so thick and soft that it requires a fork, knife, spoon and probably a bowl. With our crisp-in-the-center crust and chewy edges, you’ll find that Mario’s presents you with a slice that you can eat in a New York minute… but don’t feel that you have to.  We want you to take your time and enjoy every fantastic bite.

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