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Look No Further For The Best Sub Sandwiches Near Me

Sandwiches are one of those incredibly satisfying and comforting foods. Their versatility offers a great variety of flavors and textures in a convenient package. Moreover, their popularity spans the globe with a different type of sandwich for every culture. In America, we love our submarine... FULL ARTICLE >
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Classic Italian Food at the Best Italian Restaurants Near Me

Are you searching for the best Italian restaurants near me? Here at Mario's Pizza, we bring an authentic taste of Italy to the North Carolina Triad. Bring your family into any of our locations in Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro, or Clemmons to learn more about... FULL ARTICLE >
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Discover Where To Get The Best Pizza And Wings Near Me

Today, pizza and wings seem the perfect combination. However, the pairing didn’t catch on with big chain restaurants until the mid-1990s. Yet, pizza, a carbohydrate-heavy food, superbly complements wings, a high-protein food. Nonetheless, finding great tasting food doesn’t mean you need to travel to New... FULL ARTICLE >
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Top Italian Restaurants Winston Salem List Includes Mario’s

Given the popularity of Italian food, particularly pizza and pasta, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if you were searching for Italian restaurants Winston Salem. In fact, if you are looking for authentic and delicious Italian food, then look no further than Mario’s Pizza. Best... FULL ARTICLE >
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Mouthwatering Italian Subs Near Me For Your Next Event

People have been eating sandwiches for centuries. However, they weren’t very popular in America until bakeries started selling pre-sliced bread in the early 1900s. It was around this same time that an Italian immigrant, Giovanni Amato, began selling his version, the submarine. Today, Americans eat... FULL ARTICLE >
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Authentic Italian Lunch Near Me in the North Carolina Triad

Are you craving an authentic Italian pizza experience? Come down to Mario's Pizza for lunch near me. Our recipes were passed down through the generations from Calabria, Italy. Today, we have eight locations in the Triad area. We'd love to serve you and your family.... FULL ARTICLE >
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Find Authentic Italian Food Near Me at Mario’s Pizza

Typically, most folks consider pasta as classic Italian fare. While many cultures do indeed have a variation of noodle recipes, Italians elevate pasta to a tier of its own. However, pasta is only one part of the varied and delicious palette of Italian cuisine. Many... FULL ARTICLE >
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Searching for Food to Eat Near Me? Visit Mario’s Pizza!

Are you and the family trying to determine what to have for dinner tonight? You might be searching for food to eat near me with no luck on getting everyone to agree. Luckily, Mario’s Pizza has something that will satisfy every member of the family!... FULL ARTICLE >
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NY Style Pizza Places Near Me With Convenient Ordering

With people’s lives being so busy, often take-out becomes a necessity. Between working, running errands, and getting the kids to their activities, there’s little time for cooking. Moreover, when choosing ready-made food for dinner, most Americans pick pizza. Yet, busy Americans want more than just... FULL ARTICLE >
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Earn Free Pizza Winston Salem Loves Our Loyalty Program

Who doesn't love a delicious pizza? Winston-Salem is the home of Mario's Pizza, a Brooklyn-style pizzeria serving food made with family recipes dating back generations to Calabria, Italy. We have locations throughout the Triad area, including not only in Winston-Salem, but also in Clemmons, High... FULL ARTICLE >
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Best Pizza in Winston Salem – Why You Need to Visit Mario’s Pizza

Hunting for the best pizza in Winston Salem? Try Mario’s Pizza! We are here to satisfy all your pizza and Italian food needs. Tasty treats range from our huge 24-inch NY-style pizza to our gluten-free pizza. Pretty much everyone can find a favorite on our... FULL ARTICLE >
Best Pizza In Greensboro

Are You Yearning For The Best Pizza In Greensboro?

Americans love to eat out. Moreover, one of the most popular dining out choices is pizza. In fact, diners prefer pizza over hamburgers. When you want the best pizza in Greensboro, you want to stop at Mario’s. The Best Pizza In Greensboro Is New York... FULL ARTICLE >
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Best Pizza Near Me is Waiting for You at Mario’s Pizza

What makes the best pizza? There are so many choices. Thin crust or thick? Tangy tomato sauce or sweet? All meat, all veggies or a little bit of both? The combinations seem endless. But, don’t let all the fantastic choices overwhelm you! At long last,... FULL ARTICLE >
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Authentic Family Restaurants Near Me at a Great Price

From Italy to Brooklyn to North Carolina, the authenticity of Mario’s Pizza is undeniable. Brothers Mario and Tony moved to North Carolina in 1981 from Brooklyn, bringing their Italian family pizza recipe with them. Their restaurants started on the North Carolina coast before adding stores in the... FULL ARTICLE >
pizza places near me

Pizza Places Near Me – Mario’s Pizza Beats the Competition

As far as food is concerned, you can’t get much better than an oven-fresh homemade pizza. The gooey cheese and marinara sauce mix together in the perfect sauce-cheese-crust ratio. Each bite gives you a sense of elation as it tantalizes your taste buds! Of course,... FULL ARTICLE >


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