Some of America’s favorite Italian restaurant menu options aren’t really from across the ocean at all. Arriving immigrants found different ingredients than in their home country. For example, America had an abundance of meat not found back in Italy. In exchange, Italians introduced new seasonings, like garlic, to Americans.

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The blending of cultural cooking produced some amazing new dishes you won’t find in Italy. However, you will find many of these favorites in your local Italian restaurant. Typically, Americans rate these as their top preferred choices:

1. Pizza

It’s one of America’s favorite comfort foods for good reasons. Gooey, melted cheese atop a tangy tomato sauce, with a crispy yet chewy crust. Who can resist?

2. Spaghetti And Meatballs

With the abundance of meat in America, immigrants grew the size of the meatball and lowered the ratio of bread. Plus, both canned tomatoes and spaghetti were cheap and widely available. Soon, Italian cooks paired the three creating another favorite dish.

3. Garlic Bread

Another Italian favorite, Bruschetta, changed to garlic bread when olive oil wasn’t readily available. Butter was a suitable alternative and so garlic bread was born.

4. Veal or Chicken Parmigiana

Eggplant parmigiana was a popular dish in Italy. Once again, the cheaper prices of meat in America allowed immigrants to substitute eggplant for veal and chicken.

5. Lasagna

Typically, Italian lasagna is an all-day affair of cooking. However, as the popularity of this dish spread, many cooks sought to quicken the process. The result is our Americanized version of layers of tomato meat sauce, noodles, and cheese.

Pizza, Stromboli, And Calzone

While those may be the most popular dishes, you’ll often find many other items on an Italian restaurant menu. Typically, many Italian restaurants also serve submarine sandwiches, wings, calzones, and stromboli.

When brothers Mario, Vinny, and Tony started their business, they specialized in pizza -specifically NY style. People love our pizza so much that they return again and again to our restaurant. Over the years, we’ve added many more Italian menu items, but we still toss a great-tasting pie. Plus, we also offer cauliflower and gluten-free crusts as well as several specialty pies:

  • 5 Boroughs – a meat lover’s dream
  • Greenhouse – for all you vegetarians
  • The Worx – a little bit of everything
  • Pizza Bianco – white pizza
  • Spicy Buffalo chicken – pizza with some heat

Our menu also includes the close relatives of pizza: calzone and stromboli. Made with pizza dough, we stuff both with cheese and your choice of topping. However, we serve the sauce for your calzone on the side while we bake the sauce into your stromboli.

Other Great Italian Menu Items

Another great Italian/American invention is the submarine sandwich. Of course, we use only the freshest ingredients to create our hot and cold subs. Choose either an 8 or 12-inch sandwich and then your favorite way:

Mario’s Way:

  • Cheese
  • Banana Peppers
  • Onions
  • Mayo
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Oil and Vinegar

Philly style:

  • Cheese
  • Bell Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions

Furthermore, our menu also includes mouth-watering Italian appetizers. You can choose your favorite Italian flavors like meatballs, wings, garlic knots, and cheesy garlic bread. We also have salads for those times when you might like something a little lighter.

Finally, we also serve irresistible desserts. Cheesecake, cannoli, tiramisu, and limoncello mascarpone cake will complete your meal in a sweet way.

Italian Restaurant Menu – FAQs

It’s easy to order from our Italian restaurant menu. You can view all our options by choosing your location from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Below, we answer a few questions about our eateries.

What Do Customers Say About Mario’s Pizza?

Of course, we can talk all day about our food, but we think our customers’ comments are the best:

Food has always been delicious and always on time each time I have ordered here. The pizza is amazing and the other options on the menu are very tasty as well! I definitely recommend trying Mario’s Pizza. -Joshua B. L. West Jefferson, NC

I love the convenience of their latest location. The food was delicious. I got the lunch special of a small sub, drink, and side. I had the Italian with a salad. Both were great. Their ranch dressing is so good as well as the Mario’s way topped sub. My son had the kid’s meatball sandwich with fries. He loves their meatballs. The fries are also delicious as well. Check their social media for deals. We got a free kid’s meal because my son was dressed up for Halloween. Barrie P. Winston-Salem, NC

Where Can I Find Mario’s Pizza?

You’ll find our Italian restaurants conveniently located throughout the Triad:

  • 4215 Wendover Avenue, Greensboro
  • 3354 W. Friendly Ave. Suite 142 Greensboro
  • 5824 Samet Drive, High Point
  • 2645 North Main Street, High Point
  • 1066 Hanes Mall Boulevard, Winston-Salem
  • 2205 Cloverdale Avenue, Winston-Salem
  • 266 Harvey Street, Winston-Salem
  • 1575 New Garden Road, Greensboro
  • 1469 River Ridge Dr., Clemmons

Each location offers a dine-in, carry-out, or delivery service.

Do You Offer Specials?

We offer both daily and luncheon specials. Plus, we also announce holiday deals on social media. You can earn one like Barrie P. received on Halloween as discussed in the above review. Just follow us on Facebook to find out about our latest offerings.

Hungry? Why not order some delicious Mario’s Pizza right now? Just click on the drop-down menu to choose your location. Then, enjoy our delicious, authentic Italian food!

Plus, from November 1st to December 10th, 2023, get a free 6-piece order of garlic knots when you purchase a gift card of $25 or more. Be on the lookout via social media for the most updated deals during holidays.

In our opinion, the perfect authentic Italian meal should end with at least a few bites of a sweet treat. There may actually be scientific reasons why we prefer ending our meals with dessert, even when we feel full, according to experts. Yes, “dessert stomach” is real! Here at Mario’s Pizza, we offer a delicious selection of desserts, including our limoncello mascarpone cake. Try a slice today after enjoying our Brooklyn-style pizza or one of our pasta dishes.

What is Limoncello Mascarpone Cake?

Every Italian family has their own secret recipes for this kind of cake, but the two things that they all have in common are right in the name: limoncello and mascarpone.

Limoncello is a lemon-flavored liqueur. Most people believe limoncello was first made in Sicily or along the Amalfi coast. Although the exact birthplace of this type of alcohol is disputed, one thing is certain: it is Italian through and through! Many Italian families make their own limocello, but you can also find it sold commercially. Traditionally, you would drink limoncello at the end of a meal as a digestif.

Mascarpone is another authentic Italian ingredient. It is similar to cream cheese, and is often called “Italian cream cheese,” but it has a much higher fat content which gives it more of a buttery texture and taste. Mascarpone also doesn’t have the tangy bite you get with American cream cheese. If you’ve ever had tiramisu, mascarpone features heavily in that dessert. (And if you’ve never tried tiramisu, we have it by the slice as well!)

With limoncello mascarpone cake, these two Italian ingredients are the stars of the show. Our version has layers of lemon infused sponge cake and thick mascarpone filling. We top it with curls of European white chocolate for a decadent finishing touch.

Can You Make Limoncello Cake at Home?

Of course it’s completely possible to make a limoncello and mascarpone cake at home. However, there are a number of reasons why it makes sense to order a slice from Mario’s Pizza instead:

  • We have a secret family recipe that can’t be beat! Yes, you can find lots of limoncello cake recipes online, but you never know what you’re going to get. Ours has been in the family for generations.
  • It’s way more convenient to have us make the cake for you. Not only do we know this recipe inside and out, but we’ll take care of the prep work, baking, and dishes. All you have to do is enjoy your slice of cake!
  • You don’t have to hunt down hard-to-find ingredients. Not every grocery store carries mascarpone and limoncello, or some may only have inauthentic products that weren’t made in Italy. No need to worry about an extra trip to a specialty food store if you order from us.
  • Our prices are available online. You never have to wonder how much you’ll pay for a slice of cake or any of our other dishes. Often, it’s less expensive than hunting down all the ingredients for a dish you’ll only make once.

Keep in mind that we’ll take care of dinner too while we’re at it. While you can simply order desserts from Mario’s, we also have a menu filled with Italian dishes and our famous New York style pizza, calzones, subs and salads. We’d love to take care of dinner for you.

Other Italian Dessert Options

If limoncello mascarpone cake isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry; we have several other dessert options. There’s something for everyone on our menu!

First, as mentioned, we have an authentic tiramisu that’s the perfect level of sweetness. This dessert has coffee-soaked ladyfingers and layers of a sweet mascarpone cream, all topped with cocoa. Tiramisu is a good option if you find most desserts “too sweet” and want a milder option to end your meal.

Next, we highly recommend an order of cannoli. With this dessert, you get fried pastry tubes filled with a sweet ricotta cream and miniature chocolate chips. The texture of the fried cannoli pastry gives you a perfect crunch that you don’t get with other Italian desserts.

Last but not least, our dessert menu wouldn’t be complete without cheesecake. We serve our cheesecake without toppings, but it is anything but plain. This is a traditional New York style cheesecake, so the filling is thick and creamy with just a hint of tang.

FAQs About Ordering Dessert at Mario’s Pizza

When you want to order dessert online or at one of our locations throughout the Triad, our staff members would be happy to make recommendations or otherwise answer any questions you have about our desserts. Here are a few common questions we hear:

How do you pronounce “limoncello mascarpone”?

We don’t expect you to have a perfect Italian accent! Pronounce the c in the word limoncello like a ch, so it’s lee-mon-chell-o. Folks often mispronounce mascarpone as mars-ca-pone, but in reality, it is mas-car-poe-nay. Again, we don’t expect your pronunciation to be perfect. Our staff will know what you are talking about.

Do you sell full cakes?

We sell our limoncello cake by the slice. However, if you are interested in multiple slices or even a full cake, give your nearest location a call in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, High Point or Greensboro. We will do our best to accommodate you. We work hard to fill our customers’ requests!

Can I join a rewards program?

Yes! With our rewards program, you can earn points with every purchase, even if you are just stopping in for some coffee and dessert. Signing up is easy. Simply download our app on iPhone or Android or tell a member of our staff that you’d like to sign up in person at our restaurant using your phone number. We hope you stop by soon for a slice of limoncello mascarpone cake or another of our delicious Italian desserts.

Do You Have Holiday Deals

Absolutely! From November 1st to December 10th, 2023 get a free 6-piece order of garlic knots when you purchase a gift card of $25 or more. Follow us on social media for the most updated deals!